As a lawyer, you are always looking for new business development opportunities and new ways to connect with clients. So why not become a Top Legal Blogger.

Instead of creating multiple client alerts every week, blogging can also keep clients up-to-date without them feeling overwhelmed.

How to get started?

I recommend starting a blog using WordPress (same as me). Ideally this is part of your website, but it can also be a separate WP template, which can be integrated in your website. Then it is just writing in a Word-like document.

Tip: Don’t make your posts too long. I recommend between 250-350 words per post. Make sure you link to specific pages on your site.

Scheduling is key!

Creating a content schedule is key. By scheduling regular posts your clients/readers are ensured of relevant valuable information, which creates a loyal following. Make sure you get a group of authors, so you are not dependent of just 1 or 2 and that way there

Tip: create your content schedule around events, important topics, news. I am sure you can fill your content calendar in no time!

Be relevant!

Make sure you know your audience. Stick to what you know and what your audience is interested in. No need to blog about front page news I know it is difficult to follow all relevant news in your specific area, but creating a simple Google Alert, can be a big help.

How can a blog help you or your firm?

Many of my clients have gotten new clients, but also speaking opportunities. If you blog regularly about a specific topic, you’ll get noticed. ¬†And as a marketing expert I have to point out that blogging can have a huge impact to your firms brand, especially for those smaller firms.

But… Blogging requires commitment. So if you need help to get started, please reach out to me and I can have you up and running is just a few weeks.

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