One of the easiest forms of communication, and at low cost, is email marketing. But how do you create engaging emails?

Getting started

  1. Use an email management system. There are different email management systems for different customer types. If you are just getting started or have a small business, Incan recommend Mailchimp. It is very easy to use, no startup costs and integrates with many other programs such as WordPress.
  2. Design different options for your email. I highly recommend testing using different design, colour schemes, imaging, content and subject lines. Make sure both versions achieve the same goal, such as registering for an event or webinar. Also test different Call to Actions. Tip: do not ask your (potential) client to fill in too much info. All additional data van be retrieved with follow up engagement…
  3. Once you have different versions of your email, send them to a small list and see which email give you the highest level of engagement. Tip: you can also test the different versions by sending them to a colleague or a friend.

Useful tool: Use headline analyzers, such as Co-Schedule. You can test and create headline that drive traffic, shares and search results.

If you need help to get started or have someone review your emails, at no cost, send me an email and I will help.

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