When I meet with prospects/clients, they usually want my help developing a content marketing strategy. Currently they have incoherent content marketing activities and they need my help pulling it all together. I am sure many law firm and lawyers already develop content, but below are some insights on how to bring these activities together in one coherent content marketing strategy.

How to finetune your firm’s content marketing efforts?

  1. Follow the news. Depending on your focus, remember your audience. Even lawyers at international firms, read the news in the local language.
  2. Plan ahead. Develop a Content Marketing Calendar (like the one from Hubspot). This allows you to organise, blogposts, webinars, speaking events, etc. It is also important to think ahead and think about your target audience and develop content (in their language) for them.
  3. Determine your Channels. It is important to know that you use the right channels to reach your target audience. Tip: From experience working with Law Firms, I believe these are the most effective channels to share your content:
    1. Blog (I can help you get in touch with editorial teams of relevant blogs)
    2. LinkedIn. you can write a post and share it with your connections or with a relevant group. You can even choose to sponsor the post and target a very specific audience.
    3. Website: Distribute any content, such as video, webinar, blogpost, via your Firm’s website. Make sure you use the right keyword and have video’s embedded on your site, so people won’t leave the site and become disengaged.
  4. Analyse your activities. It is important that you reach the right audience and connect with them, as you probably focus your business development efforts toward this audience. So make sure you analyse your activities to see if you have reached the right audience and how engaged they are( Are they sharing, Commenting, Liking?). If you see that certain topics get better results, adjust your Content Marketing Calendar and fin tune your audience. This will grow your audience

Of course, I can help you get started, contact me today.

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