Lawyers spend a lot of hours on business development. (I see them at many conferences en follow many on LinkedIn…). Although it is part of their job, many lawyers find business development complicated and stressful. The most business development activities are:

  • Networking at events, such as conferences
  • Public Speaking/ Presentations
  • Writing articles for websites, social media and blogs
  • Prospect meetings

Lawyers:, you can make a shift in these activities that will make their life easier… The Keyword here is FOCUS (and Shift to Relevance)

Networking at events, such as conferences

You go to the sessions, and the receptions in the evening (yes, I have been there too), collect business cards, but get no business. FOCUS: Hunt and screen people who have your demand-triggering problem. You are relevant to them and that is how you get their business.

Public Speaking/ Presentations

Speaking engagements and presentations take a lot of prep time. During the presentation you get little response and after the presentation you get compliments, but those who approach you, do not discuss how your topic affects their company (the bridge to a sales conversation). FOCUS: Focus your presentation on the audience. People much rather attend your session if it resonates with them. Your remarks prove the need for them to consult with someone with your understanding. Tip: often you can receive a list of the attendees from the organisers, so you can gain some insight in your audience.

Writing Articles for websites, social media and blogs

Writing takes time and it is sometimes hard to come up with fresh, relevant topics. Once an article is posted, you get little engagement. FOCUS: Write about a relevant topic that you are the expert of. Then write a slightly different iteration of this topic, simply by telling different stories about its impact. No need to create completely new content all the time and the audience will stick.

Prospect Meeting

Setting up prospect meetings is hard: many emails/ voicemails get not response. Or calls get cancelled or postponed frequently. Many prospects stay in your pipeline, but do not yield to anything. FOCUS: Identify the pain point of the prospect and make yourself relevant. And share how you can help them BEFORE the meeting.

If you are perceived as relevant, people will pay attention to what you say, will read your articles and follow you on Social Media.

Remember: If your are not relevant, you don’t exist. 

I can help you with setting your focus and raising your profile. Contact me for a free consult.


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