I wanted to share a few handy tips that can help you become more strategic with Social Media. I recently set up my own facebook company page and so far, engagement with clients and prospects has been great! But managing several Social Media accounts can be challenging without using an easy to use dashboard, such as Hootsuite. But I will share some useful tips later.

Get Strategic with Social Media; start with these 4 tasks and you are well on your way.

  1. As I mentioned before, it is important you start building customer profiles.
    • Make sure you list the audience’s demographics, including country, area of interest, role, age, interests. Tip: Be as detailed as possible.
  2. Compile a calendar that lists events and dates that are revelant to your target audience.. For example the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association; planning social campaigns around this event, will get you a high level of engagement, if you do it well. I have a lot of experience doing this myself and it has always been the highlight of the year
  3. Make a list of themes for social media content, your audience is likely to interact with. Tip: Start using Google Trends, to find out what people are talking about in any area of interest.
  4. Look for Influencers- These are the people your audience listens to. Then start following them.

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