I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer. But after the holidays, it is back to business and we have to work.

I often get the question, from smaller law firms: How do Rankings work and how can it help me and my firm?

Throughout my career, I have seen the importance of Rankings grow. Especially Legal500 and Chambers. But also smaller ones, like Leaders League is up and coming. From my experience many clients, go to these sites first, to get an impression on who would be the right lawyer/firm  to advise, so the directories are being used as a starting point.

Why should I send in my submission?

Clients can hire a law firm based in an independent, unbiased view. These legal directories mostly offer a global insight into thee law firms, so clients can find it all in one place. Needless to say that when listed in a Ranking, a firm will get more referrals.

How does is work? 

It all starts with research, based on qualities valued by clients, such as:

  • Technical Legal Ability
  • Professional Conduct (Tip: make sure the information on your website, includes achievements, publications, press, etc.)
  • Client Services
  • Diligence
  • Commitment
  • Other qualities valued by Clients

Researchers will evaluate lawyers and firms by simply contacting lawyers and clients.


  1. Attend the FREE IBA Webinar on 11 September.: Leveraging a position from a Ranking
  2. Follow Chambers, Legal500, Leaders League,  they announce their submissions on LinkedIn.

Still not sure where to get started, I will gladly help. Contact me at Rivers Global Marketing to get you started.

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