In recent years, I have become an expert in marketing content(including myself…)via LinkedIn. So here are some tips anyone can use, but especially lawyers.

Today I will share a few How to attract New Business using LinkedIn?

Step 1. Make sure your profile is up to date and accurate. This includes current and past role (s) and responsibilities, relevant projects related to your business.

Free Tip: Did you know that your Headline stands out, not your job title? so be creative an accurately describe who you are in the Headline. If you need some help, contact me and I can help you get started (no charge). Also note that updating your headline on your mobile device, will allow for more characters than on your desktop.

Step 2. Make sure you join relevant groups. There are many Legal Groups that can help you connect with other lawyers, such as the International Bar Association Group, Intellectual Property Lawyer groups. There are many groups and are specific by geography, language, profession, topic and more. I have had great success in marketing to these LinkedIn groups, so contact me if you want some free tips.

Step 3. Start posting in these groups and on your profile. This will give you exposure in these groups and thus raises your profile.

Using these tips will definitely increase the number of profile views. Next time, I will share some tips on how to set up a company page.

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