Next month I will embark on a new adventure, but I still want to help lawyers connect. So I will scale my activities down a little, but in return I will offer my advice AND services for free. I will only ask for a small fee for my Communication services, as I will need to work with an official translator. But all my other services, such as marketing strategy, content strategy and execution, Social Media Marketing, help with rankings, business development opportunities and events.

Many lawyers are preparing their calendar for the second half of the year, as there are some major events coming up. These major conferences are great opportunities to connect with thousands of lawyers and identify new business development opportunities.  So plan you trips carefully now, so you are prepared to identify the right connections and opportunities.

Need help? I have a calendar with all major international law events. Contact me and I will send you a copy.

Update your Social Media profiles

Take this summer to update your Social Media profiles. Make sure your accomplishments are up to date and that you show a current picture. Also take time to review your connections and remove any that are not relevant to you. I was able to remove 500 connections last year, I have been able to build new connections this year, who really matter.

Enjoy the summer and take advantage of the free advice. I am always available.

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