I have been absent the past few weeks, as I have been coping with an unexpected death in the family. But slowly I am getting back to things. So thank you for your patience and kind words and I should be back fulltime next week.

I briefly wanted to share some tips on how to set up your international business strategy.

  1. Start by listing all the benefits for expanding internationally
  2. Identify what global opportunities are available to you. I sometimes use Google Market Finder, to get a quick overview of relevant markets and their sizes. Simply fill in your company’s website and you’ll get a list of recommended markets. Tip: Make sure you sue relevant keywords on your company’s homepage. Contact me to find the most relevant keywords for you.
  3. Once you have selected a shortlist of markets, Market Finder can also help plan the operations. or simply contact me to work out specific strategies in certain markets.
  4. Define the final action plan by prioritising 5 steps the business should take to grow internationally.

I am available to help you get started. My experience has taught me to define different customer journeys, which can benefit your business.


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