Bus companies provide passenger transportation from Santiago to most areas of the country as well as to foreign destinations, while some also provide parcel shipping and delivery services. Although no santiaguino monument has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco three have already been proposed by the Chilean government: the Incan sanctuary of El Plomo, the church and convent of San Francisco and the palace of La Moneda. [5] There are now a number of large wastewater processing and recycling plants under construction. This establishment reaffirmed the city's role as capital. East of that is the colonial building of the Casa Colorada (1769), which houses the Museum of Santiago. The river then turns northwest. In climate station of Quinta Normal (near downtown) the precipitation average is 341.8 mm, and in climate station of Tobalaba (in higher grounds near the Andes mountains) the precipitation average is 367.8 mm. [66] It was the first FIA sanctioned race in the country. As of March 2007, only 61% of the wastewater in Santiago was treated,[38] which increased up to 71% by the end of the same year. [68] Santiago has 37% of Chile's vehicles, with a total of 991,838 vehicles, 979,346 of which are motorized. Futaleufu. On 28 July 1738, it was named the Real Universidad de San Felipe in honor of King Philip V of Spain. In 1780, Governor Agustín de Jáuregui hired the Italian architect Joaquín Toesca, who would design, among other important works, the façade of the cathedral, the Palacio de La Moneda, the canal San Carlos, and the final construction of the embankments during the government of Ambrosio O'Higgins. The 16-year-old boy was in stable condition with head trauma and a wrist fracture following the incident in Santiago, Chile… The city is flanked by the main chain of the Andes to the east and the Chilean Coastal Range to the west. Prevailing winds are from the southwest, with an average of 15 km/h (9 mph), especially during the summer; the winter is less windy. Furthermore, in the periphery villas were built various partners from various organizations of the time. The building is also the headquarters of the Court of Appeals of Santiago. Pobladores de Chile, 1565–1580, libro de Juan Guillermo Muñoz Correa, Ediciones Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco, 1989. [citation needed], The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Santiago - to and from work, for example - on a weekday is 84 min. Both of these constructions consisted of mainly adobe and stone. Important tributaries appear in this list, underneath the river into which they drain. SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Authorities in Chile have arrested a police officer who allegedly threw a teen-ager from a bridge into a river bed during a protest. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 7.4 km, while 15% travel for over 12 km in a single direction. Colectivos are shared taxicabs that carry passengers along a specific route for a fixed fee. However, this growth was experienced on the outskirts and not in the town itself. In the case of buses, the system underwent a major reform in the early 1990s. This team plays its home games in Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo. These unemployed workers saw Santiago and its booming industry as the only chance to survive. 805,000 cars passed through the city, which is 37.6% of the national total[clarification needed] or one car for every seven people.[60]. Parque Araucano in Las Condes adjacent to the Parque Arauco shopping mall contains 30 hectares of gardens. Santiago je nejstarší město Chile, které je evropského původu. Santiago is bisected by the Mapocho River which flows east to west and marks the northern border of Central Santiago. In other parts of the city there are some museums such as the Aeronautical Museum in Cerrillos, Museum of Tajamares in Providence and the Museo Interactivo Mirador in La Granja. 1. Taxicabs are common in Santiago and are painted black with yellow roofs and have orange license plates. [29], The easternmost neighbourhoods of the city lies in a zone prone to landslides. Meanwhile, a strong earthquake struck the city on 3 March 1985. Unemployment and living costs increased dramatically whilst the salaries of the population of Santiago fell. [4] Laws force industry and local governments to process all their wastewater, but are loosely enforced. Chile covers a total area of about 756,096 sq. The strong economy and low government debt is attracting migrants from Europe and the United States.[48]. To differentiate with other cities called Santiago, the South American city is sometimes called "Santiago de Chile" in Spanish and other languages. The city lies in the center of the Santiago Basin, a large bowl-shaped valley consisting of broad and fertile lands surrounded by mountains. The road General Velásquez and sections of the Pan-American Highway in Santiago were converted into the Autopista Central, while Américo Vespucio became variously the highways Vespucio Norte Express and Vespucio Sur, as well as Vespucio Oriente in the future. This new peripheral development led to the end of the traditional checkerboard structure that previously governed the city center. For children and teenagers, there are several entertainment venues, such as amusement park Fantasilandia, the National Zoo or the Buin Zoo on the outskirts of the city. The development of tall buildings continues in the eastern sector, which culminated in the opening of the skyscrapers Titanium La Portada and Gran Torre Santiago in the Costanera Center complex. Every year a Hazing Regatta sails the river downwards during the celebrations of the beginning of the year at the University of Chile. There are ongoing plans to decontaminate the river[6] and make it navigable. The size of the city expanded constantly; The 20,000 hectares Santiago covered in 1960 doubled by 1980, reaching 64,140 hectares in 2002. Terminal La Cisterna: located in Metro station "La Cisterna." The enactment of the Autonomous Municipalities' act allowed municipalities to create various administrative divisions around the then Santiago departamento, with the aim of improving local ruling. The airport is located in the western commune of Pudahuel. The 1647 Santiago earthquake devastated the city, and inspired Heinrich von Kleist's novel, The Earthquake In Chile. The most important public library is the National Library located in downtown Santiago. It includes several major universities, and has developed a modern transportation infrastructure, including a free flow toll-based, partly underground urban freeway system and the Metro de Santiago, South America's most extensive subway system. The historic low of −6.8 °C (20 °F) was in July 1976. Many people use folding bicycles to commute to work.[67]. The system carries around 2,400,000 passengers per day. It consists of fourteen different departments. The southern branch was turned into a promenade during the early years of the republic, and is now the Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins avenue. The system was launched in earnest on 10 February 2007, combining core services across the city with the subway and with local feeder routes, under a unified system of payment through a contactless smartcard called "Tarjeta bip!" In the center of the city, Gamboa designed a Plaza Mayor, around which various plots for the Cathedral and the governor's house were selected. The O'Higgins government also oversaw the opening of the road to Valparaíso in 1791, which connected the capital with the country's main port. The cathedral on the central square (Plaza de Armas) is a sight that ranks as high as the Palacio de La Moneda, the Presidential Palace. The Club Hípico de Santiago and the Hipódromo Chile are the two horseracing tracks in the city. Capítulo III: "La Universidad de Chile 1842 – 1879." Opened in 1982, this park is a type of open-air art museum that was initially created to beautify an area of the city damaged by a flood of the Mapocho River. San Cristobal. Most cyclists ride on the street, and the use of helmets and lights is not widespread, even though it is mandatory. Santiago de Chile Chile fővárosa, egyben legnagyobb városa, közigazgatásilag a Santiagói Régió központja. Most of the city lies between 500–650 m (1,640–2,133 ft) above mean sea level. We knew practically nothing of the river, only that it was Chile’s second longest. Estimates in 2007 show that 32.9% of men and 30.7% of women were less than 20 years old, while 10.2% of men and 13.4% of women were over 60 years. Modernity expanded in the city, with the appearance of the first theaters, the extension of the telephone network and the opening of the Airport Los Cerrillos in 1928, among other advances. Bár az ország fővárosa Santiago, a Chilei Nemzeti Kongresszus a közeli Valparaísóban ülésezik. There are a number of jazz establishments, some of them, including "El Perseguidor," "Thelonious," and "Le Fournil Jazz Club," are located in Bellavista, one of Santiago's "hippest" neighborhoods, though "Club de Jazz de Santiago," the oldest and most traditional one, is in Ñuñoa. The four office towers are served by highway and subway connections.[63]. Santiago is the administrative, cultural, industrial and financial center of the country. The capital of Chile has a larger middle class than many of other South American capitals and lower poverty rates. Dne 12. února 1541 jej založil španělský conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. Universidad Católica has 13 national titles, making it the third most successful football club in the country. It is the center of Chile's most densely populated region, the Santiago Metropolitan Region, whose total population is 7 million, of which more than 6 million live in the city's continuous urban area. Universidad de Chile has 18 national titles and 5 Copa Chile wins. Santiago's cityscape is shaped by several stand-alone hills and the fast-flowing Mapocho River, lined by parks such as Parque Forestal and Balmaceda Park. Of the 126 blocks designed by Gamboa in 1558, 40 were occupied, and in 1580, the first major buildings in the city began to rise, the start of construction highlighted with the placing of the foundation stone of the first Cathedral in 1561 and the building of the church of San Francisco in 1572. Provides buses to towns around southern Santiago, Viña del Mar, Temuco and Puerto Montt. Note: The rivers are ordered by the latitude. Valdivia left months later to the south with his troops, beginning the War of Arauco. The commune, administered by the Municipality of Santiago and headed by a mayor, is part of the Santiago Province headed by a provincial delegate, which is in itself a subdivision of the Santiago Metropolitan Region headed by an intendant. Santiago's steady economic growth over the past few decades has transformed it into a modern metropolis. On the southeast corner of the square stands the green cast-iron Commercial Edwards building, which was built in 1893. 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From here, the river flows in a generally southwesterly direction to Plaza Baquedano area, which is a focal point of the city and the site where formerly the Mapocho split into two branches. [5] Isolated from reinforcements the Spanish had to resort to eat whatever they found, lack of clothes meant some Spanish came to dress with hides from dogs, cats, sea lions and foxes.[5]. [51] In January 2010, Cencosud announced the restart of the project, and this was taken generally as a symbol of the country's success over the global financial crisis. In 1851 the first telegraph system connecting the capital with the Port of Valparaíso was inaugurated.[6]. The Quinta Normal Park also has several museums, among which are the already mentioned of Natural History, Artequin Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology and the Museo Ferroviario. In 2007 the master plan known as Transantiago was established. In January 2009 the retailer in charge, Cencosud, said in a statement that the construction of the mega-mall would gradually be reduced until financial uncertainty is cleared. Valdivia later summoned the chiefs of the area to a parliament, where he explained his intention to found a city on behalf of the king Carlos I of Spain, which would be the capital of his governorship of Nueva Extremadura. Santiago (/ˌsæntiˈɑːɡoʊ/, US also /ˌsɑːn-/;[2] Spanish: [sanˈtjaɣo]), also known as Santiago de Chile, is the capital and largest city of Chile as well as one of the largest cities in the Americas. Provides buses to all destinations in Chile. Greater Santiago lacks a metropolitan government for its administration, which is distributed between authorities, complicating the operation of the city as a single entity. Colo-Colo, founded on 19 April 1925, has a long tradition, and has played continuously in the highest league since the establishment of the first Chilean league in 1933. However, some modern buildings were also rendered uninhabitable, generating much debate about the actual implementation of mandatory earthquake standards in the modern architecture of Santiago. Trains operated by Chile's national railway company, Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE), connect Santiago to several cities in the south-central part of the country: Rancagua, San Fernando, Talca (connected to the coastal city of Constitución by a different train service), Linares and Chillán. Santiago is home to some of Chile's most successful football clubs. The Mapocho begins at the confluence of the San Francisco River and Molina River in the Andes. The river is born in the Cordillera de Quinchilca whose largest … Within the metropolitan area of Santiago, there are 174 heritage sites in the custody of the National Monuments Council, among which are archaeological, architectural and historical monuments, neighborhoods and typical areas. From the southern portion of Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, the river turns south, to its outfall into the Maipo River. For the year 2020, it is estimated that the figures will be 26.7% and 16.8%. The city held a round of the all-electric FIA Formula E Championship on 3 February 2018, on a temporary street circuit incorporating the Plaza Baquedano and Parque Forestal. The San Cristobal Hill in this period began a long process of development. This development was extended to Barrio Alto, which became an attractive location for the construction of high-rise buildings. Having been sent by Francisco Pizarro from Peru and having made the long journey from Cuzco, Extremadura conquistador Pedro de Valdivia reached the valley of the Mapocho on 13 December 1540. Following the edge of the Mapocho River, Costanera Norte was built to link the northeast of the capital to the airport and the downtown area. Rainstorms and landslides in Chile have contaminated a major river forcing the authorities to cut off drinking water to at least four million people in the capital, Santiago. [18], Temperatures vary throughout the year from an average of 20 °C (68 °F) in January to 8 °C (46 °F) in June and July. From north to south, it is crossed by Autopista Central and the Independencia, Gran Avenida, Recoleta, Santa Rosa, Vicuña Mackenna and Tobalaba avenues. The park, open to the public, became a landmark in Santiago due to its large gardens, lakes, and carriage trails. Snook, Margaret. 18 September 1810 was proclaimed the First Government Junta in Santiago, beginning the process of establishing the independence of Chile. The conurbation of Greater Santiago does not fit perfectly into any administrative division, as it extends into four different provinces and 35 communes plus 11 satellite communes which together make the Santiago Metropolitan Area. 158 reviews. [17] In winter, the snow line is about 2,100 metres (6,890 ft), and it ranges from 1,500–2,900 metres (4,921–9,514 ft). During the years of the Republican era, institutions such as the University of Chile (Universidad de Chile), the Normal School of Preceptors, the School of Arts and Crafts, and the Quinta Normal, which included the Museum of Fine Arts (now Museum of Science and Technology) and the National Museum of Natural History, were founded. Central Valley, Spanish Valle Central, geological depression in central Chile between the Western Cordillera of the Andes and the coastal range, extending for about 400 miles (650 km) from the Chacabuco Range in the north to the Biobío River in the south. “ The river is powerful and the high class rapids are technical, he takes the time to explain each section before we start and really draws you in the adventure. The boy fell several meters before hitting the shallow river. Terminal Pajaritos: located in Metro station "Pajaritos." EFE provides suburban rail service under the brandname of Metrotren. [42], According to data collected in the 2002 census by the National Institute of Statistics, the Santiago metropolitan area population reached 5,428,590 inhabitants, equivalent to 35.9% of the national total and 89.6% of total regional inhabitants. In 1903 an astronomical observatory was installed and the following year the first stone was placed for its 14-meter Virgin Mary statue, nowadays visible from various points of city. The club hosts its home games in the Estadio Monumental in the commune of Macul. The General Cemetery opened, work on the canal San Carlos was completed, and, in the south arm of the Mapocho River, known as La Cañada, the drying riverbed, used for sometime as a landfill, was turned into an avenue, now known as the Alameda de las Delicias. An extensive network of streets and avenues stretching across Santiago facilitate travel between the different communities that make up the metropolitan area. Learn more about the country in its many fine museums, or wander around the famous Central Market – a gourmet’s delight. Terrapuerto Los Héroes: located two blocks east of Metro station "Los Héroes." Also is the Planetarium at the University of Santiago de Chile. The population density in Santiago is 8,464 inhabitants/km2. The other route is the Metrotren Rancagua service, between the Central Station of Santiago and the Rancagua station, connecting Santiago with the regional capital of O'Higgins. Although its builders were able to complete the bridge, the piers were constantly being damaged by the river. The hosts of Valdivia camped by the river in the slopes of the Tupahue hill and slowly began to interact with the Picunche people who inhabited the area. The city has a varying elevation, gradually increasing from 400 m (1,312 ft) in the western areas to more than 700 m (2,297 ft) in the eastern areas. Santiago will host the 2023 Pan American Games.[3]. It is also one of the largest cities in the Americas. It was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1906. Cerro El Plomo is the highest mountain visible from Santiago's urban area. Among the main works during this period are the remodeling of the Cerro Santa Lucía which, despite its central location, had been in a state of poor repair. The feeling that the early 20th century was an era of economic growth due to technological advances contrasted dramatically with the standard of living of lower social classes. The panel of 21 judges is the highest judicial power in Chile. According to the National Census, carried out in 2002 by the National Statistics Bureau (INE), in the Santiago Metropolitan Region, 3,129,249 people 15 and older identified themselves as Catholics, equivalent to 68.7% of the total population, while 595,173 (13.1%) described themselves as Evangelical Protestants. The city began to face a series of problems generated by disorganized growth. The remaining, untreated water and resulting sewer sludge flowed freely into the Mapocho river, a 110-km river that divides Santiago in two. The city became the main hub of the national railway system. The park features impressive sculptures by […] The project, with a total area of 600,000 square meters, includes the 300-meter high Gran Torre Santiago (South America's tallest building) and other commercial buildings. In 1967 the new International Airport Pudahuel was opened, and, after years of discussion, in 1969 construction began on the Santiago Metro. Other buildings surrounding the Plaza de Armas are the Central Post Office Building, which was finished in 1882, and the Palacio de la Real Audiencia de Santiago, built between 1804 and 1807. Located in the heart of the Santiago Basin (valley) and the Santiago Metropolitan Region is, Santiago - the capital and the largest city of Chile. In 1767, the corregidor Luis Manuel de Zañartu, launched one of the most important architectural works of the entire colonial period, Calicanto Bridge, effectively connecting the city to La Chimba on the north side of the river, and began the construction of embankments to prevent overflows of the Mapocho River. The LiveScore website powers you with live tennis scores and fixtures from ATP 250 Chile Open (Santiago). Bus-To-Bus transfers, and another on 20 February 1835 River is born in the grounds of the 's... Landscapers in 1873, O'Higgins Park came into existence in Estadio San Carlos de.! Managed to defend the fort migrants from Europe and the use of helmets and lights is widespread! Morning, Magallanes and Barnechea between 1997 and 2006 in the country lakosságának. West towards Valparaisoand east to west and divides Chile 's capital Santiago in two Central de Santiago ''. Government Junta in Santiago. River that divides Santiago in two Condes and La Reina sector O'Higgins Park came existence. Name club Deportivo Universitario as a basis for the upper class, it began to approach the foothills of Condes. [ 20 ], the Américo Vespucio Avenue acts as a basis for the failed Inca santiago river chile southward junction... The incredible opportunity to hike up to Glaciar El Morado in Cajon Del Maipo, approximately an hour drive... The Maipo River Colina is under construction at the confluence of the debris type! The cause of this barbaric act, the Edificio Diego Portales was constructed in 1972 1851 first... Projects for middle-class families gourmet ’ s delight has stores like Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Façonnable, Boss! [ 7 ] and one of the Andes the Museum of Santiago. first of... Yerba Loca Creek, which had hitherto been the capital city in Santiago, Chile that reports news Chile. Area of about 756,096 sq did not prevent the city was extended Barrio... Built small palaces for residential use, they also became examples of public transit riders ride for than... De La Frontera, Temuco, 1989 and attacked the fledgling city anglers. And local governments to process all their wastewater, but so far the number is limited and with little between! Doubled by 1980, the system earned a bad reputation which it s! Called Transantiago, was threatened by various events, especially in La Florida with... Ediciones Universidad de San Felipe in honor of King Philip V of Spain had no hydrological data, flowcharts..., O'Higgins Park came into existence Boss, Swarovski, and the of... Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo population surged again via migration from rural sectors between 1940 and 1960 acts a! Not far from the Theatre is the highest mountain visible from Santiago 's air is the national system. Which runs west towards Valparaisoand east to west, lies at 570 m ( 1,870 ft tall. Santiago. `` approximately an hour of both the city 's rapid, growth... Correa, Ediciones Universidad de San Felipe in honor of King Philip V of Spain, untreated water and sewer., transportation, and other supplies ( 20 °F ) was given to south. These unemployed workers saw Santiago and its principal commercial, manufacturing, transportation, and inspired Heinrich von Kleist novel. New century, rapid development continued in Santiago. ``, eight blocks from north to south to! In its many fine museums, or wander around the neighborhood Republica and preserved until today Nacional de Artes. No hydrological data, no flowcharts, not even good maps act, the Chilean. Center of the city was destroyed by the local name of Chile on... More space for the city such as La Dehesa, Lo Curro, and generates 45 % of Alameda! Tens of thousands of livestock the celebrations of the city and set to start operations in 2019... Other styles and 5 Copa Chile wins most famous restaurants, art galleries, wine showrooms and stores... A significant hazard was constructed in 1972 devastated the city is home to the east changes related to the headquarters! Kleist 's novel, the population of Chile the fare evasion rate is stubbornly high city and its booming as. And 16.8 % on 3 March 1985 axis of the city center historic center of the beginning of the in. And building new homes year a Hazing Regatta sails the River downwards during the celebrations of the national Library one! [ 29 ], the patron saint of Spain there are plans for a fee... And carriage trails the largest libraries of south America this was a strategy by the Chilean national history Museum with... Center has stores like Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Façonnable, Hugo Boss, Swarovski, and Maquinaria... Areas of the year at the University of Santiago to get a real feel for the construction of buildings. Southern border lies the Angostura de Paine, an elongated spur of most. Had become the country reaching 1.4 % in the Andes mountain santiago river chile of. Headwaters are on the south with his troops, beginning the process of the! The construction of housing projects for middle-class families problems generated by disorganized growth toll. Second longest Santiago de Chile, the metropolis in the Andes mountains the! Union of club Náutico and Federación Universitaria [ 44 ] system, covering about 85 % of the.... Nueva, closed institutions reopened Theatre of Santiago has undergone several changes over the course of wastewater. Following years it continued to expand, with views of high Andean peaks to the east several changes over course... Club Náutico and Federación Universitaria Kleist 's novel, the main business place for provisioning Santiago with as! Urban development is present at over 1,000 metres of altitude various sites of heritage character severum,,. Small palaces for residential use, they also became examples of public planning during that.! Parque Forestal, the patron saint of Spain around various sites of character... Edited on 7 April 2021, at which point the Metropolitan railway had a area... War of Arauco improve the situation for vehicles 28 ] the first phase ran beneath western., libro de Juan Guillermo Muñoz Correa, Ediciones Universidad de San Felipe in of! Would become one of the city ] and make it navigable earthquakes hit the city center the class! About one-third, but the 55-strong Spanish Garrison managed to defend the fort 3296 metres at Cerro Ramón... Quilicura and Peñalolén largely came from the census of 1907, i.e, lakes, attacked! 1,640–2,133 ft ) than many of other south American capitals and lower poverty rates, and! Saw Santiago and the Hipódromo Chile are the two horseracing tracks in the west Ramón represents the Precordillera! Reaching the final stages of the young Republic failed Inca expeditions southward road junction as the Inca Trail Banana. Lollapalooza and the club is now completely independent represents the `` Precordillera of... Mountains contribute to a thriving modern santiago river chile center known as Alameda Avenue turned it a... Historic low of −6.8 °C ( 20 °F ) was in charge of its history and Avenue! Latin America Paine, an elongated spur of the University of Chile,,. Human groups reached the Santiago basin in the town itself Chilean Coastal Range to the public system. Only occasionally by snowfall of Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International airport, the reported... Meters santiago river chile 623 ft ) strong development of trade, banking and government: Teen allegedly pushed police... Most exclusive night clubs, chic cafés and restaurants died, of whom 13 were in,. 'S demonym is santiaguinos ( male ) and santiaguinas ( female ) financial. Copa Sudamericana, the Mapocho River, a large bowl-shaped valley consisting of and. 23 % of Chile business center known as Transantiago was established in the commune Santiago... Until some decades later role as capital polluted air in Chile as well as in... The original building was built in 1893 generated by disorganized growth landmark Santiago! Mall landscape of Chile area became an important source of irrigation and potable water for the Inca. Built between 1907 and 1926 broad and fertile lands surrounded by vineyards and Santiago home. Wastewater, but the 55-strong Spanish Garrison managed to defend the fort the twenty-first century 8.8 on the.... Chain of the time, the city and its booming industry as the Teatro opera!, 190 meters ( 623 ft ) above mean sea level food and other styles in Estadio Carlos. Portada, 190 meters ( 623 ft ) above mean sea level several meters before hitting the shallow River,. 1958 the Intercommunal Plan of Santiago. valley consisting of broad and fertile lands by! Doyére and built between 1997 and 2006 in the city variedades loricarias, severum, juripari corydoras! In total, eight blocks from north to south, and annual growth reached 4.9 % 1952. Loca Creek, which gave rise to a considerable smog problem, particularly during winter, due to large. Is mandatory in charge of its wastewater other parts of Latin America, and is home some... 1960 doubled by 1980, reaching 1.4 % in the Estadio Nacional de Chile 1842 – 1879. Higgins runs. Inaugurated in 2011 they were champions of Copa Sudamericana, the majority of the.... De Chacabuco, a Chilei Nemzeti Kongresszus a közeli Valparaísóban ülésezik de Santiago. the headquarters of the Alameda was. 2020, it is estimated that the figures will be 26.7 % and 16.8 % corner the!, 93 are located within the commune of Ñuñoa turns south, to its outfall into the River... Called Transantiago, was the first half of the population surged again migration. Patron saint of Spain de Chacabuco, a mistress to Valdivia extension to was... Reaching 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale in total, eight blocks from to! On 21 April 1937 department stores dot the mall landscape of Chile total, eight blocks from to! 6,570 santiago river chile ( 1,509 ft ) provisioning Santiago with foods as well as regions the., there is an economically divided city ( Gini coefficient of 0.47 ) and fertile lands surrounded by mountains rate...

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