Throughout my career, I have developed several website, including company sites, estore and product sites. I want to share some tips that will guarantee an increase in relevant traffic.

Customer Profile

Before you start with any online campaigns, you need to understand your customer profiles.

  • Describe the different customer profiles in detail, such as a small law firm, 1-5 lawyers, dealing with international commercial arbitration, small budget
  • Describe how you can help each of these profiles
  • Describe the customer journey ( how can you reach these customer profiles)
  • What do you want your customer to do on your website? Leave their details, call you, purchase something, read?

Once the customer profile and journey, you can develop online campaigns.

  1. Develop a list of keywords. You can use a keyword tool such as Word Stream or SE Ranking
  2. Use these keywords in SEM campaign. When people search for these specific keywords will enable you to be found easier
  3. Use these keywords in your email campaign. The keywords appeal to your audience
  4. Use these keywords on your website. Websites need to speak to your audience, so use the keywords that attract them

Rivers Global Marketing can help you develop these customer profiles, determine the customer journey and select relevant keywords.

Contact me if you need any help.


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